Monday, 25 September 2017

How can i install again a Dlink wireless router with no cd?

The procedure of installing Dlink router is straightforward. To install Dlink router without using the Setup CD, you need to perform three procedures:-
1. Check your internet connection
2. Connect router to modem
3. Access Dlink router web-based setup page
Check your internet connection - For checking internet connectivity, take an Ethernet cable and connect your computer to the modem without installing a Dlink router. After this step, check if your computer is connecting to the Internet. If websites are loading on your computer then everything is OK. But if websites are not loading then contact your ISP. If still having connectivity bugs then call right away at Dlink Router Technical Support Phone Number.

Connect the router to the modem - Firstly, connect your modem to the Dlink router’s WAN or internet (modem) port. After this step, plug modem & router into the power source. Now connect the computer to Dlink router’s Ethernet ports.
In the wireless computer, you have to use Ethernet cable for connecting devices. After connecting all device, observe the lights of Dlink router if they are blinking or not. After a few minutes LED turns into solid blue color.

If the LED are not blinking then you have to follow these troubleshooting tips:-
1. Check router is properly connected to modem and router
2. Unplug Dlink router from a power source and then wait for a few moments. After some time, plug Dlink router into the power source. By doing this process, you can re-establish communication with the modem without any interruption.

Access Dlink router web-based setup page – First of all, open your internet browser. Go to address bar, type and press Enter button. After this step, go to “ Connect to internet ”button and click on “Detect my connection”. If updates are available for Dlink router’s firmware then update your router’s firmware and then proceed further. After establishing the connection, change Network Name and Password. Once done, click on Save and Continue button. Note down your Network Name and Password. After this process, go to “Register your router” and fill the necessary information. When the process gets complete you will be redirected to the dashboard where you can change your router’s settings. Now that you have successfully set up your Dlink router, you can establish the connection with multiple devices and enjoy web surfing.
If you have any problem while installing Dlink router on your system then share with our experts at Dlink Wireless Router Support and get instant assistance.

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