Tuesday, 29 November 2016

How to Reset a Password on a D-Link Router? | Wireless | Configuration | Method

A D-Link router is an essential device that connects multiple devices at one local network. Having a router device is not a enough instead you’ve not make a D-Link Router Password Setup in it. To reset a D-Link router is not a difficult task, just read out your manual carefully and follow it. Still face any issue then make a contact to D-Link Router Technical Support team that is the right place for you. Below our expertise describes a method for How to Reset a Password on a D-Link Router? If required any technical assistance then contact at D-Link Customer Support and do the process of D-Link Wireless Router Password Configuration method.

Reset a Password on a D-Link Router

Steps for resetting D-Link Router Password Setup as:

  1. Firstly press the reset button which is located at the back side of a D-Link router device with the help of a using paper or a pen.
  2. Just keep on hold the reset button for at least 10-15 seconds. Remember not to touch any button especially its power during the resetting process. Just wait for a minute when it’s WLAN light stops blinking or flashing. If found any trouble, then connect to our expertise which is ready to assist users in their panic situation.
  3. After this, Open any  internet web browser and enter it’s default IP address as into the field of an address bar and hit enter hit on your keyboard.
  4. Then write admin into a login dialog box. Leave the password field as blank. After this close by pressing ALT+F4 key windows, and save all your changes that you’ve made it soon.
  5. If found any issues in D-Link Router Password Setup then without any hassle make us a call to D-Link Router Tech Support that is available for you and provide incredible services to a user.

Reset D-Link Wi-Fi Router Default Password as explained below:

  1. Firstly, open your favourite web browser as chrome, Firefox or an IE. Now type its default IP address as without any quotes in the field of an address bar. Then hit the enter key to go on a D-Link router’s configuration page.
  2. Now give a click to admin and then enter your administrator password. Hit enter key.
  3. After this, select to click on a D-Link router setup as indicates to the top of a D-Link router page. For D-Link Wireless Router Password Configuration, choose wireless settings as situated on the left hand side of a D-Link router’s page.
  4. Now click to its manual Wireless connection setup. Drop down to search the Pre-Shared key field of a D-Link router.
  5. Now enter a new strong Wi-Fi password for about eight alphanumeric characters into the Pre-Shared field. 
  6. After entering a new Wi-Fi password into it, close the window. Here your process of D-Link Wireless Router Password Configuration process is now completed. If a user have any issue then ask expert advice and clear your issues instantly.

D-Link Router Technical Support Number 1-855-213-4314

An incredible service support spread by D-Link router expertise where a user can achieve a massive service support to the client. We endeavor nice efforts to a user and clear all their queries within a few minutes. Our technicians provide feasible solutions in a one perfect call resolution. IN fact, the D-Link router experts are available for throughout the day in a year. Please feel free to ask your doubts and seeks best service assistances for D-Link routers.
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